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Course Objective

The course is developing to fulfil demand in healthcare industry in Malaysia.  Demand for healthcare rises as the population becomes bigger, older, sicker, more educated and richer, regardless of the population size, age and disease prevalence. The demand for healthcare is bottomless, and will only endlessly rise.

Course Content

✅Role of caregiver
✅Communication  and Soft Skills
✅Basic Nursing Care
✅Infection Control
✅Observation Skills
✅Perfoming First Aid/ CPR
✅Entrepreneurship in Healthcare



After completing this course, participants are able to apply for various jobs in the healthcare industry as below:

  • Hospital Aide in Private Hospital

  • Caregiver in Nursing Home

  • Caregiver (Private Nurse/ Mobile Nurse)

  • Dialysis Assistant in Dialysis Centre

  • Clinic Assistant

  • Entrepreneur in Healthcare

Fees - RM3,999

25% early bird discount before 31 January 2021

booking your registration now for RM200 only!

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